How do I enrol my child?

What steps to I need to take?

The team at Future Stars would like to thank you for showing interest in enrolling your child(ren) with us. We hope that we can provide you an early education service where you feel your beautiful child will thrive, flourish and most importantly have fun! In order to secure and finalise their enrolment at our service please follow the below steps.

1. Enrolment Confirmation

You’ve chosen to enrol with us, how exciting!

If you are in touch with your Centre Manager, please send them an e-mail to confirm that you would like to secure a place and the centre and we will get the ball rolling. Your Centre Manager will send you an Enrolment Confirmation. The Enrolment Confirmation secures your spot at Future Stars. Your Manager will provide you a link to pay this online.

If you're not in touch with you Centre Manager, get in touch with your local centre here.

2. Get set up on Xplor

Once the Centre Manager confirms your place you will need to fill out your enrolment form on our CCMS system Xplor. Xplor will manage all areas related to:

  1. your details and payments
  2. signing in and out
  3. notifications when your child is asleep, awake and when their nappy has been changed!

To fill out the form please follow the relevant below link:

Please make sure all the below details are filled in

      1. All information relating to your child including their full name, date of birth, address, phone number(s), Centrelink number, medical conditions, allergies
      2. All information of legal parent(s) and/or guardian(s) including their full name, date of birth, address, e-mail address, phone number(s) Centrelink number, any special conditions (parenting orders)
      3. Doctors details including their full name, address and phone number
      4. Details of an emergency contact who is not the child’s parent or guardian
      5. Details of authorised persons for pick up who do not include the parent or guardian
      6. Attach your child’s birth certificate, immunisation record (not blue book) and any medical risk management plans

3. Set up your payment details

Log into Xplor online. In the top left corner you will see the menu bar. Click the menu bar and go to the tab auto debit setup. Set up either your bank account details or credit card details then read and accept the terms and conditions.

During your Enrolment Meeting (below), you can discuss billing frequency and set limits on your direct debit. We will debit your account on either a Thursday or Friday, and on either a Weekly or Fortnightly schedule.

4. Fill attached forms and read Parent Handbook

Your Centre Manager will either e-mail or provide you with hard copies of some important documents:

  1. an all about me form
    this form collects important information about your child’s routine, cultures, eating habits and more. It helps us prepare to ensure your child is invited into an environment that is inclusive of their needs.
  2. the enrolment conditions.
    this must be read, filled out and signed by all legal parents and/or guardians.

We also provide you with some really important information about your child’s transition to school and things they need to bring. The Parent Handbook is an extremely important document that contains information about our policies, procedures, educators, company and our philosophy. Please make sure to read this prior to the enrolment meeting.

5. Set up an enrolment meeting

Once this has all been completed please contact your Centre Manager to set up a meeting. Please bring the following to this meeting:

  1. Completed all about me form
  2. Completed enrolment conditions.

During this meeting we will discuss the enrolment, talk through some important policies and procedures, introduce you to our educators and tailor-make your child an orientation plan.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Once I get the deposit I will endeavour to organise a place. Welcome to the Future Stars Community!